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Home Insurance

If you are searching for a home insurance policy in Texas, then look no further than PARTNERS. We provide excellent customer service, quality products, and look forward to building a lasting relationship.

What does everyone need to know about homeowners insurance in Texas?

A home insurance policy covers your losses in the event your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered event, such as a natural disaster. Mortgage companies generally require borrowers to be insured against full or partial losses.

These policies will generally cover the repair or rebuilding of your home and the valuables you have inside. It is always a smart choice to form an inventory of your valuables to make claims easier on your insurance agent. A policy will not cover you against such natural disasters as flooding or earthquakes and generally requires you to purchase additional insurance to cover these events.

A home insurance policy can also protect you against liability that may result from a guest or family member being injured on your property. This can handle medical fees and court costs should they arise. A liability policy can also protect you from people who hurt themselves outside of your property as well.

Coverage may also cover accommodation fees which may arise if your Texas home becomes uninhabitable. The policy can cover food, rental vehicles, hotels, and much more.

Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance rates are based on the replacement cost, what it would take to rebuild your home if it were destroyed, and the value of the contents of your home. We can provide you with an estimate based on your individual needs, the age of your home, and the value of your personal property. Try our online rating tool for a quote on home insurance.

If you’d like to make sure you have the most comprehensive coverage at the best overall price, please call or visit PARTNERS to get your questions answered and to get started on a policy.